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Dumping Resources only creates 2 images in Mplugin

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I'm trying to make my own skin for this, but when I choose "Dump Reesources" in options, it only creates Background_top.bmp and background_bottom.bmp, and nothing else. I have the latest version of Mplugin, and I'm running Windows Vista. I made sure to run iTunes as an administrator so it could create the folder, too.

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Wow. I didn't even think about that for some reason.

I did get it made, so thanks a ton. It actually ended up working better, because I was doing a vista theme, and an already made skin gave me a few good things to work with.

I'll post it somewhere for download if I get the author or the original's permission. It doesn't look like their's, but it uses a few elements, so I figure its better to ask.

Thanks again.

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