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ok i guess i shouldnt worry too much bout the back... hey i wonder what the insides look like :P

remember when the rev.A imac came along with a beautifully laid out design inside... phoar... everyone loved it... but then they neglected that idea... and all us apple fanboys suddenly had a change of heart and said; thats ok.... "i mean who goes pulling apart thier imac everyday?, so long as the outside looks good, thats all that matters"... Now the back looks a little ugly and we say

" thats ok... so long as its only the back"

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The ATI cards in the new iMac KILL the nVidia crap in the MBP.

Learn to read specs man."

Try google the new imac card and see how much it scores against the Macbook pro card 8600m gt, in some cases the new imac card performs even less than the old imac card the ati 1650 pro. Had the card that was in the new imacs been a XT model instead of a Pro model then you would have had equal card to the 8600m GT, however this is not the case.

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The ATI cards in the new iMac KILL the nVidia crap in the MBP.

Learn to read specs man.

WRONG !! ATi Radeon HD 2400 XT it quite similar to GeForce 8400M GT, while MBP's come with GeForce 8600M GT. Although 2400 has higher clock speed and tad bit more stream processors, shader clock is lower than 8600 GT and memory bus is only 64bit as compared to 128bit of 8600GT. That's why 8600GT manages to provide bit more than double memory bandwidth than 2400 XT. Besides that 2400 XT is OpenGL 2.0 compliant while 8600 GT is OpenGL 2.1 (apple uses OpenGL extensively), even though ATi has had better record of OpenGL drivers... it only means that as Apple and nVidia refines their OpenGL drivers 8600GT get better per refinement in that area.

Bottomline is : MBP beats new iMac anytime in that department. Apple's wouldn't put iMacs above their Pro line products.

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ummmm.... isn't it usually that a little leak from source (apple) starts these rumours?

phhh yeah right... o-k, maybe.

but seriously, theres always sites touting "insider sources say" or "we've recently been tipped that", it all sounds a bit fake to me...

something i've noticed is that occasionally apple does ask certain sources to take down 'leaked' material. so perhaps this is the stuff not started by a rumour, top secret stuff apple invents themselves and doesnt want spread.

the rest of the rumours they cant claim as thier own, so legally they cant take it down.... maybe i dunno, just a theory.

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If the said rumour contains material (information, picture) that resembles very close to related product.... then Apple take it down. If the rumour is indeed a "rumour" only, then Apple doesn't care much about it or even when given material matches to related product around 50%.

Something unusual though happened last week.... the remoured new mac keyboard was indeed the picture of real product, yet Apple didn't bother taking it down. Many people thought since Apple didn't take any action... it was indeed a fake product. Even here at Aqua-Soft, many people swore to death that it was a photoshop job and even pointed out possible photoshop mistakes. Now that real product is out, it's hilarious to read those posts again. lol. :)

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Just wondering, do you proofread? I think that if you're posting news for a site with 70k members, there shouldn't be elementary errors such as "new iMacs does" (article missing & subject-verb agreement), "Following are notable changes" (article missing), "Today at infinite loop" (incomplete address & capitalization), "long rumoured updated iMacs" (doesn't even make sense). That's only in the first 2 lines...

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Unfortunately, I'm not a writer nor do I write articles frequently. Besides, I wanted to post the news as quickly as possible after the keynote was finished. Aqua-Soft news updates have been slow for a long time, so I just wanted to be quick enough on that front. Mods, Admins and Members should feel that Aqua-Soft news posting is live again, after appointing new News-Posters.

I'll try and be more grammatically correct henceforth, so I think that's fair promise considering 1 member taking objections over grammatical errors out of 70k members.

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Don't you notice that ugly black borders ? why they did them ?

The black border around the glass helps the display pop (like on an iPhone or iPod)... and I personally think the screen looks great with it. I wonder why so many people at your place really upset about it.

Some other interesting design details :

  • The aluminum chassis is stamped from a single piece of aluminum, and the LCD cutout and the speaker grill are punched out. The microphone is on top of the iSight, and it is laser cut (5 holes so small that a grain of sand would probably have problems passing through it.) No other CE device has been made from a single piece of aluminum this big.
  • Why The back of the iMac is black?? Like the slimming effects of a black dress, it makes the iMac appear to have less junk in the trunk.
  • The 20-inch and 24-inch screen have more differences than just size. The 20-incher has a slightly lower viewing angle and is less bright (160-degrees vs. 178-degrees; 290 nits vs 370 nits.) But the 20-inchers are more contrasty at 800:1, as opposed to the 24's 750:1.
  • The keyboard has one shortcoming: the USB ports are sheltered beneath a ledge, so only the cable protrudes. Bulky USB keys will not fit here. Not a big sacrifice, since the back of the iMac has 2 free ports.
  • You can't wall mount it. The hinge on the stand does not come off.

Information source : Gizmodo

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I think the goal was to make it as small, compact and portable as possible. I would imagine it's pretty lightweight, too. I hardly ever used the number pad, but to each their own.

I get that, I really do. But my numberpad was the best thing I've ever lost. It was the only way I could remember passcodes and numbers, via muscle memory. I was hoping to gain it back when I get my MBP into a more desktop-elegant solution (23" ACD, wireless keyboard/mouse, etc.), but I guess not.

Oh, yeah. Apple has a small typo on the http://www.apple.com/mac/ page. "Keyboard" is in all lowercase.

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>The little chocolate box looking mac was quietly updated. The update brings Core 2 Duo processors to mini (from earlier Core Duos),

-- to bad, i bought mine (core duo 1,66) for about 2 months ago. i should have been waiting... but otherwise you wait again and than you wait again and again...

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ok i guess the iMac is not as hideous as i thought sfter the first peek on the photos, yet i really dislike the black especialy the frame around the screen ... its not because it would be that ugly looking its just that i kinda get a fel from screens that look as they were bigger when swwitched off and then when turned on there you have the blac frame. i sort of consider it cheap looking or something and i always desired apple for that they could do everything the best they could and it was gorgeous wwell and if you cant just do it as better as it might be yet than do not fake it or something. is no literally like this with the iMac but i am just saying that it sort of reminds me of the small display on the front of the moto razr the small one on the outside and it had this huge blak corner when turned on. anyway the keyboard is stun ning and i would say itll look even better with my white intel iMac :) gonna buy one as soon as they get here hopefully

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they just dont make 'em like they used to...

... and what are those things down the bottom of the imac on the link you gave, are they speakers? they look wierd... shame they didnt pull the screen off, but i guess that would be fiddly and yeah it would no longer be all in-tact.

you know, I think I'd trade the slimness of the new imac for a well laid out inside, less of a chin and better cooling (ie- more room, liquid cooling :P + more space to vent, makes me feel more secure than an imac packed with tinfoil heatsincs).

I dont like the look of the back how it slopes inwards. I think i'd rather they just keep it all flat, even if a bit wider.

I want this;

* an aluminium imac (maybe with colours...) -semigranted

* wireless internet, keyboard and mouse -granted

* A nice laid out inside, to make for easy service, upgrade, repair, and above all the geeky cool factor -no longer granted

* under $2500 aud -granted

* some side ports (for easy access) -not granted

* core 2 duo 2.4 ghz+ -granted

* 1gb ram, 256mb graphics card, 250gb hd + -granted

gah why am i whining?... the new imac rocks still!


found this interesting nugget on an apple fansite;

"Danamania has managed to get Mac OS X to boot on a 25MHz Centris 650 using Debian and PearPC! The OS is expected to be fully up and running in about … 7 days"

bahaha funny...

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I kind of like the idea of the new mac looking like an i Phone but bigger...i wonder what will be of the mini...haven't seen that yet...

Oh and has anyone seen the new iMovie icon...it's stupid...i mean if u look at the default dock...it doesn't match with the rest...and speaking of not matching the new keyboard is like fine in geometry...but if that's gonna be a default keyboard for the new mac...buuu it's brushed and it sucks...

Why not make it so it can go with it...jeeez...

Oh yeah plastic and glass now that may be the best thing that they did!ever!


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