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Dark era of apple?

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why would you say that? apple has done everything right and nothing bad at all. the only thing dark about them is using black on a lot more of their product designs, but what can i say, it looks a lot more professional

I agree with you the only dark about apple are it's products, but that way they look more elegant and nice :: although i think white looks more original on the macs

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I like the new look Apple has gone with.

White Macs need to go away.

That was my only complaint with my iBook.

It looked dirty all the time.

If u have it clean more often it wouldn't be dirty would it? , mine is the other way around, it's turning yellow...brown kinda like [ from smoke] :D

Thank God for the new design, darker dark dark ....yes!

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I like the white macs better. But speaking of the metaphorical dark side, I wonder if in order to play 30 gb HD DVD Apple will eventually screw up their OS like Microsoft did with Vista, bending over for Hollywood to get a fully encrypted signal path, destroying simplicity and speed in the process. They are already making the mac look like a tv.

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Apple is getting more and more popular this era, thanks to iPhone, Intel Transition (more converts to Mac), etc.

Yeah, and as many people say that Microsoft screwed up on Vista, and there's a very bad error on the xbox 360s that will cost a lot of money to the company, I think that many windows users will switch to Leopard, if they don't get to screw up...:)

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Yeah, and as many people say that Microsoft screwed up on Vista, and there's a very bad error on the xbox 360s that will cost a lot of money to the company, I think that many windows users will switch to Leopard, if they don't get to screw up...:)

Lots of people that I have talked to said that Vista was the worst upgrade. They wished they would have boughten a new (awesome) Mac.

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pff apple :: <3 Vista


I dont think this is a dark era of apple? If anything its a golden era thats paving the way to apples further greatness; everything apple has release has been breath taking, the new mac and the iphone by looks alone has made me (average consumer) reconsitor M$, and my cheepo phone and mp3player.

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yes well, thats literally what i meant that their products are turning darker

yet as i am a fan of the white apple designs i wonder if they really wont at least in the sence of the appearence of OS and roduct become just another PC manufacturer ... hope you guys understand what i mean now

as for instance the iWork 08 ... Numbers, ... wonderful totally different and much better than any other spreadsheet. they still can make everything revolutionary and they really do a great job, its just that for instnce i noticed the fonts on the editing bar or what it is are slightly imperfect and thats what i like apple for, for doing everything perfect especially when it comes to appereance. and the whole bar thing is significant as well, as apple was again different and revolutionary by making those funky looking app drawers sliding from their sides ... well their getting rid of i. i dont say its bad i am just playing devils advocate here and saying weather the bar thing isnt a bit too conform and ordinary ... thats what i meant by becoming just another PC manufacturer in a sence of style ... @rjohnstone if you read this post you gonna laugh i guess so just to clarify, i guess i really wont be able to aprove my posts to your liking well, sorry ... and i dont mean this note sarcastically its just that this is how i write sorry, i mean it

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Vista is NOT worst upgrade, more like it yet has to prove itself as best upgrade. Enhancements, on both face level and core level are certainly step in a right direction.. but something still feels lacking. After 5 months of rigorous testing and experience with Vista, I & my colleague decided to shift back to XP. We were pleased with Vista but we were not satisfied.

As for Dark Era..... like you said, you don't mean it metaphorically but rather on design style side. Well, a shift from Glossy Plastic to Brushed Metal is certainly welcome.. but I won't called it dark though.

As for people who are wondering, why Apple is removing brushed metal from software interface while using the same on hardware exteriors. Well, Apple used Brushed Metal in application interface while having glossy plastic exteriors, so I don't find it surprising. In fact, after seeing latest leopard screenshots... the whole unified metal (or like some say, plastic) interface looks very nice and pleasing.

I still can't understand why apple had to turn the menu bar transparent. The reason Jobs gave in keynote.. something like.. "not covering/hiding your beautiful wallpapers anymore blah blah" wasn't convincing enough. What freakin' difference >20 pixels would make on by bloody wallpaper is beyond my understanding.

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