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Incredibly Huge Icons Request

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I PMed oooAdAooo over on dA over a week ago, asking her to reupload some of her icon sets which links are dead. I haven't gotten a response yet, so I'm turning to you guys hoping that by some miracle, you will hopefully have all her icon sets that I am looking for.

I'm searching for the following sets by oooAdAooo:

Couture Got it!

The Small Temptations Got it!

Temptation Got It here: http://guistyles.com/2005/05/20/temptation/

Grey-Slimline Got it!

Suite Chic Collection Got it!

and all the Eternal Sets,

Eternal Grey Got it!

Eternal Purple Got it!

Eternal Orange Got it!

Eternal Black Got it!

Eternal Green Got it!

Eternal Blue Got it here: http://guistyles.com/2005/05/20/eternal-blue/

So, um, any takers?

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So I thought I had ones that I didn't. Go figure.

Anyway, I've uploaded a download link to my personal artblog.

tinyurl. com/ 2nzxwk <--You can find it there. If you don't trust tinyurl links, say so and I'll paste the entire link. (Just remove the spaces and it should work fine)

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