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Leopard Icon Release Thread


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Leopard is due out any day now. So use this thread if you have any requests for icons extracted from the os.

Just a note for those that are requesting, not all of the icons are in 512x512, alot still only come in 128x128px.

So any requests just post here. (I'll help as long as I can :P)

Some icons from finder 512x512px mainly - http://www.sendspace.com/file/mwy0ok

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All I want is everything.. :)

Looking forward to Leopard release tomm.

I'm more specifically looking for overlays (or underlays?) Leopard uses to preview the content of file.

Like, PDF or Document shows binding folder with preview of the file overlayed on it. Similarly Images shows nice rounded frames. Making some sweet icons with these over (or under) lays would make good document icons set.

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Does OS X have an icon to represent images that can't be viewed as thumbnails in Finder? For example, if you load Windows Explorer and select tile view, you see a generic icon that represents a picture, instead of a thumbnail of th e actual picture. If it does, I'd like that icon.

Also, if the fonts icon has been updated from Tiger, I'd like that, too.

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