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Leopard Icon Release Thread


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Not sure what you mean reflective, I can post the original icon thats about it.

I have the originals. The reflective ones are so that a dock can look reflective.

For example


I have all the non reflective ones, or at least enough

This is my desktop with some reflective and some not





Nevermind, I found them on osx-e.com. I downloaded leopard reflective pack 3, which had some, but I need to download 1 to get the other ones I needed. Thanks Anyway


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thx so much timan! for all the great icons!!! thats really cool! this is my first post on aqua-soft! and i like this great forum!

but i have a quite big request!

* chess

* directory (the blue book icon)

* dictionary]

* exposé

* internet connect

* netinfo manager

* system profiler

* printer setup utility

* airport admin utility

* airport setup assistent

* applescript utility

* script editor

* folder actions setup

* java web start

* java *.*.* plugin settings

* inpud method hotkeys

and all of them (if possible) in 512 x 512

i hope its not too big and hope you can send them

greetings, fyton5

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really sorry timan but i forgot some icons :(

here is the final list... then i have all the leopard apps, folders, drives, and some other thingys... (no filetypes)

* imovie '08

* iphoto '08

* iweb '08

* idvd '08

* garageband '08

* software update

* podcast capture

* the x11 icon

* iphoto '08 library

* the leopard install dvd icon

* an iphone icon from the finder

* a brown box with one yellow cube coming out of it

* a brown box with four yellow cubes coming out of it

hope u can send them :(:)

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