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What laptop display size works for me?


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i was wondering, does anyone here study architecture? cos am about to enter my studies and will need a notebook yet i am a bit affraid that 13 inch macbook might be just a little too small for work. and the macbook pros start a bit too higher on prices. also i have a 20 inch intel iMac, would it be then possible to connect the macbook to it to attain a bigger screen?

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I've got a sister in the field, and I'm charge of the "informatic" side, so I'll tell you: you will not use you laptop for cad. It's going to be tiny and unconfortable, or bulky and annoying to carry around. CAD on a desktop, and the bigger the screen the better. Same for photo retouching, if you are into that, but it's less "extreme".

You'll use your laptop for the usual stuff, so 13" could be enough - because it's enough in general ( I work on a 12", and I'm fine with it - but no graphics for me)

edit: btw, can you get rid of the uppercase words? they look... dunno, they actually just annoy me :P

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I also need plenty of screen space for work (web design and multimedia applications), but it's hard to find a laptop with adequate screen resolution. Especially now that MacBook (Pro or not) have widescreen displays, they tend to be a little "short".

Personally, I would only be satisfied with the screen resolution of the most expensive 17" MacBook Pro (1920x1200 pixels), but my budget only allowed for a white MacBook (1280x800).

Working on certain applications is just bearable sometimes but, plugging in a second monitor is a great productivity boost. It reduces the need to frequently zoom in and out in your document/page, or to use expose in order to switch windows & applications.

I'd say that you can get a MacBook, only if you keep a second monitor in your base station (home/office/anything).

Good luck

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I sell Apple products for a living.

...and I must say, im dissappointed in the Macbook's 13" display. the colours are dull and the sceen isnt very bright... specially when compared to PC counterparts (eg- the Sony Vaio series)

I own a Macbook Pro 15", so perhaps im biased, but if you're studying architecture, where attention to detail is a must, definately go with a MBP either 15" or 17" ... they have nice bright and clear displays...

you can always hook up an external monitor tho, if u do want the smaller MB, but im not sure about the iMac. Im pretty sure its only got DVI video out.

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If Apple makes a MacBook with a 17", I'll buy it. 13" screens, even if it's an Apple is pretty silly. Anything (Windows/Mac) is pointless, especially if you actually want to see anything on the screen.

Get at MacBook Pro with 15" screen, or get a grownup machine with a 17" screen. You'll never go back.

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