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BEST app for displaying album art on desktop for Mac?

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I've been looking around and apparently there's a million different apps for this (Ok, at least 4) and a few of them cost money. I tried CoverSutra and it doesn't have nearly as many features as I'd like (especially the ability to resize the display on my desktop and lock it's position, or change the actual display style), and I've LOOKED at Synergy and M-Beat but haven't really tried them out. I HAVE DeskTunes which was actually pretty OK for awhile but Leopard squashed the album art so the scale is horrible.

So any help would be great. I have no problem PAYING for an app I'm going to use a lot, but I wanna know it'll do most, if not everything, I want it to before I shall out the cash -_-.

Especially since I payed for ShapeShifter only told have it break under Leopard D:

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