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Make widgets ''come in'' like in OS X?


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To get that with all widgets it would have to be coded in the Widget engine itself. There are a few widgets that do similar things like the ripple effect, but over all I don't see this happening. Maybe when I get back to updating my widgets I can at least have them do some of these things (don't know when they will get updated though).

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Aaaaahh! Who doesn't love the mac effects.

I'm happy with the free yahoo widgets engine, and it pretty much works. That's all you need.

Now for the eye candy..

Forget about Yahoo widgets..

If you haven't already, check out "Myboard" here:


It uses .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 which you also need to download but If you have enough memory (not to mention the graphics card requirements) this is all you want.

It uses Magnets instead of widgets but really good dashboard look and feel for windows users and you can create your own magnets (if you have the time that is...)

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