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MySpaces - A spaces clone for windows

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Things it does:

Giving you multiple desktops like on the mac.


Requires .NET-Framework 2.0 at least

Where to get it:


Current version:

0.9 Beta


well no history yet ;)


Unzip to any folder you want.


Right-click on the taskbar-icon, there are some options.

Win+Z shows overview

@Matonga: to keep the style I copied your post, thanks ;)

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It's working fine if I switch desktops directly through memy or by hotkey, but if I select "desktop overview" I get the screen in attachment.

And it's using 35 MB of RAM.

Still, considering this is too early for even an alpha build, it's a great idea and something that was needed. Keep the effort on! :)

Edit: That white patch seems to be Avedesk...


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It works fine here.

I have AveDesk and same problem here...


Are you using PrintWindow( ) to snapshot the windows? Then you should avoid snapshotting layered windows, at least in Windows XP.

I suppose you are using Visual Basic .NET for this, you should check for the WS_EX_LAYERED flag in the windows style, in unmanaged code is something like this:

If (GetWindowLong (hwnd, WS_EXSTYLE) AND WS_EX_LAYERED) = 0 Then

' screenshot the window...

End If

GetWindowLong is from Windows API, I don't remember how to put this into .NET or maybe there is a Windows.Forms equivalent.

Other than that, it runs ok in this machine.


Oh, I forgot: congrats for this release! :)

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The problem, in XP, with layered windows, is they appear as white rectangles instead. And happens what Ojalord told you, see his first post.

I didn't know you where using DWM for Vista, layered windows should perform fine there (as long as you use DWM). But it would be good to avoid them at all in XP, if there isn't any way to capture their contents. Also the layered windows remained white after exiting Win+Z mode :(

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There is a feature in the Leopard Spaces, that if you drag the windows out of the screen it goes to the next desktop, so if i drag a window in the right corner of the screen and I keep dragging for about 2 second I will go to the next desktop, if I drago to the bottom corner instead of the right I'll go to the third desktop and so on, Sorry fo the bad english, I think that this feature in your program will be useful.

Sorry for the bad english


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@MacRulesWorld: No there is nothing like that now, maybe someone wants to create one?

@Leonhart: Okay going to implement that when I have the time.

Coming soon:

- Switcher which is showing from where to where you are switching

- Move Window to corner to move it to the next desktop

So school is starting in two days again, and I dont have much time, but I will keep working on it.

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Great app schmrom ;) ,the window+z works a little bit slow but the rest is awesome.

One suggestion: could you make that the movie to pause itself when I swich the window to another?

Thanx again for this great app :D

EDIT: and I dont want to eat 85Mb of my memory, can you fix that too, please?

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my god! this totally rocks! really like it man! keep on improving this

Good things:

*WIN+arrow key switching really works good! (try to make that little popup screen (with that arrow) like in leopard)


*preview works nice at 4 or 9 desktops

*fading, really cool

improvement ideas:

*the background sometimes doesn't fit the amount of desktops

*make a shortcut string for the switching (like "C:windowsprogram.exe" -deskswitch) handy for docks or shortcuts ;)

*let peeps choose the taskbar icon (like in leopard its a black icon with the number of the desk)

*when u double click the spaces icon u should go to the overview

bug list:

*windows previews don't look good if they aren't on the current desk (don't know if this is also on xp :S)

*the desktop backgrounds are sometimes out of place due to the amount of desktops

greets fyton5!

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