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512px Leopard Application Icons

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Whew! As a bonus, not only does the set include every application icon included with the OS, such as those for Time Machine, Finder, Terminal, and even the Developer applications (Xcode, Quartz Composer), but it also includes icons from applications I happened to have installed on my computer at the time, including software like Transmit, Camino, Transmission 1.00, CoverSutra 2.0, Acorn, Onyx and more.

UPDATE: Added iLife.

UPDATE: Added Hardware icons.


  • Change the ".a2z" extension to ".zip"

  • All icons are 512 pixels in size. Luckily, all Leopard default system icons are this size. Other programs I have with smaller icons were not included.

  • This package only includes the default application icons. File types and others are most certainly available upon (several?) request.

  • Say hello to organization. Each icon is appropriately named, with no strange numbers, abbreviations, or original names that were not specific. This makes it easy to filter the list.

  • I will not release icons in any format other than PNG.

  • About Requests: I will try my best to meet all requests for icons, whether they be applications I can download or in the OS.

And finally, none of the icons you download from this link or in this thread are of my creation. All credit belongs to the original designers and developers of the applications.


Make a request!

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