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CursorFX released!

Island Dog

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Stardock is pleased to announce the official release of CursorFX. CursorFX is a free program that allows users to customize their mouse cursors in ways far beyond what Windows is capable of doing on its own. CursorFX updates the Windows mouse cursor engine to support fluid animations, alpha blending, effects, real-time shadowing, user-action mouse states, mouse cursor resizing on the fly, color changing, trails, and much more.

CursorFX is a replacement to CursorXP which only ran on Windows XP. CursorFX runs on Windows XP and Windows Vista and includes dozens of new features and tweaks over CursorXP.

CursorFX is a free program. A plus version is available for $19.95 that adds more features. To learn more and to download, visit www.cursorfx.com.


Download: www.cursorfx.com

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The 2.0.008 update is now out. If you have CursorFX Plus you can update via Stardock Central. Otherwise you can download the free version at the link below.

Here's what's new in CursorFX:

- Fix for Powerpoint issue

- Fixes for slow/choppy cursor.

- Fixes for process priority.

- Fixes to solve crash on loading Control panel with some old cursors.

- Improved Control panel load time.

- Fix for CursorFX cursors disappearing on IconPackager apply.

- Fixed compatibility with some games and applications.

- Seamless support for CursorXP cursors.

Download: www.cursorfx.com

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