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Grey or Gray?


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Although I hate seeing the word gray written, In the case of whether grey or gray wins doesn't matter, because it's really a language thing. If you are american chances are you use gray. If your an aussie you are more likely to use grey. As Paralex said, language is so muddled up now it doesn't really matter.

The first thing i did when I got my iMac was rename the colour gray to grey. =P

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I usually spell colour with a "U", and I'm a bloody New Yorker. Have been all my life. The "colour" thing I'm damn sure I picked up from this site. Too many damn brits and aussies :P. oh and for those who are, you all owe me 12 points on my English midterm, for that xD

since we're also on language deformities, we New Yorkers dont believe in the letter "r" nor the existance of any punctual mark besides an exclamatory point.

but thats spoken language. I try to be as perfect as possible when I'm typing.

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Grey refers to any shade between black and white.

Gray is the adjective of a color (a gray day).

But Grey became the established British spelling in the 20th century,

while Gray remains the correct American English term.

Today, there are two acceptable spellings of the word.

So you may use one or the other as you please.

Since I too am Canadian, I have decided to live freely, without these boundaries ;)

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