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Grey or Gray?


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The distinction between British grey and U.S. gray developed 20c. Gray as figurative for "Southern troops in the U.S. Civil War" is first recorded 1863, in reference to their uniform color.

From Online Etymology Dictionary, © 2001 Douglas Harper.

I would just spell it according to the region you went to school in. If you learned British English, you write grey, if American English, you write gray... unless it's a person's name, then it's however they spell it.

It's the same line of thinking of colour vs color, or theatre vs theater.

But I am not British, so the rule doesn't apply to me.

It depends on the system of English that you learned, not your nationality. For example, if you are from India, a former British colony, you probably would have learned British English.

Of course you could just disregard all of that and spell gray, color, theater, etc however you want. However if you are American, people would probably question your choice of spelling, especially in a work or school environment.

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My fellow Aqua-Softians,

it has come to my attention, that insurgents from over the internet, apparently from other countries such as Australia and England, has violently outbursted with war over the spelling of the American English word, Gray.

They believe that the original spelling of the word is Grey, speaking with weird accents and for some reason throwing a U in color and favorite.

I ask for congress and the commander(s) in chief (Timan and NC....and jef) to declare a verbal war against these heretics!

This is NOT Sparta!!

Your fellow Aqua-Softian,


(Let the rants and flames begin! xD)

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Yes... I can see your spelling is exceptional.


Really though, when it comes to writing on the internet I don't think anyone cares. Almost everyone on the internet these days has conversed with, played a game with, or seen posts written by people in other countries. Frankly, I am frequently amazed at the amount of people I see who are from non-English-speaking countries who can write English well... and sometimes more coherently than native speakers. You don't see that in America regarding foreign languages, unless your immediate family speaks something else.

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I'm going to have to go with "grey", simply because of the fact that it doesn't look awkward in my mind. When I see it, it looks as it sounds. When I see "gray", I usually see "gay" in my head and then it's quickly corrected. (There's my weird mind for you).

Wow.. you see/read "gray" and you think of the word "gay". Seems to me someone is finally decidin' to come out the closet. lol jk

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Grey is for colour as Gray is for a name

I didn't knew that you can use both terms. As with the word colour. My grammar teacher says that the correct way to spell colour is with U, but americans are sooo lazy that they don't include the u and just write 'Color'.

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