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My second attempt at reflections

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Hey mate. These are really very nice. Good quality graphics and nice exceution.

My only comment is that I feel the reflection is a little too big.

Generally reflections would show about a third the item it is reflecting (not the whole object). The reflection is really just a supporting element to the main icon..

Cheers for sharing

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lol i think the best and easiest way to get a good reflection is through photoshop...here are the steps i use :)

1. Duplicate Layer

2. Ctrl+T the duplicated layer, right click on the selecting and select the option flip vertical

3. Then line the flipped layer just under the normal layer, and add a layer mask

4. On the layer mask make a gradient going from the base of the flipped icon to the end of it

5. Make this gradients 2 colours; black to transperent

6. Once you do this lower the opacity to 75% on the reflecting layer

7. Save as a .png or a .ico and your done :)

Hope this helps

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