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My Site Is Closed :( :(

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Unfortunately, I have sad news today. My site admin have told me that I reach my monthly bandwidth in just three days!

Believe or not, 2 December day I had 150,000 hits at my site and a bandwidth consumption of 80 GB. Really bad (or good), so my my site will be closed untill new notices, or until I pay... 300 USD! Too much money for me. As some of you know, I'm working in a small web design firm and we belong our own servers, but if I don't take out my site our other web sites will be taked out, including the site of my friend Duckie (www.the realduckie.com). I had some problems in the job by this reason, and that's why I'm taking this decision.

I really sorry for this big inconveniences, I don't know what to do because I can't afford a bigger host. If somebod have some of my files and he want/can host 'em, it will be welcome. Please don't press too much, if I can have a new site, I'll do it, but I don't think that it will be in the near future. Again, I really really sorry.


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Iceman, do you think what happened was intentional? Like what happened to Y'z and Design Technica? 80GB in three days is a lot, and most of us have your files anyway, so you should look into where all the hits came from and see maybe if your site was purposefully taken down. I hope that's not the case, because whoever would do that must be an idiot. Anyway, sorry to hear about that. Good luck.


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Damn, Iceman...

Really sorry to hear that. Man, I was just at your site too! (d/ling your newest theme.)

Wow, that really sucks.

It kinda feels like an end to an era...

If you need any help, iceman, let me know, I could possibly provide you with a temporary host... if needed.

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Originally posted by flyakite@Dec 3 2002, 10:49 PM

Iceman, do you think what happened was intentional?  Like what happened to Y'z and Design Technica?  80GB in three days is a lot, and most of us have your files anyway, so you should look into where all the hits came from and see maybe if your site was purposefully taken down.  I hope that's not the case, because whoever would do that must be an idiot.  Anyway, sorry to hear about that.  Good luck.


yeah, this should be correct, see where everyone downloading them from, if its some asshole doing it, then you can contact his isp and sue him, or tell him to pay the damages for hosting and other stuff.

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Guys: Thanks for the support and advices. Although I don't discard the possibility of that kind of "hack" to my site, I'm afraid that there is reason to think that the bandwidth consumption is real.

I've checked my usage statistics and the access is very… springled? I mean, there are a lot of sources (Japan, France, mainly the USA, Spain, etc) and the times that some big files (such as the visual styles and the tweaked files) have been downloaded in one day is too high, near to 1000 times.

I’ve asked for some clues (in the logs) to my technical support to see if there is the possibility of an attack, but they said that the logs don’t show anything abnormal. The past month I reached my bandwidth limit too, and that’s another reason why I think that the high traffic is something “normal”.

I’ll keep you informed about any update, but I’m a bit disappointed :(


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The attacker, (lets call him steve jobs in this case) could have been using proxies, and accessing these files over and over, with different proxies at a time. Ask tech support about logs that have times that are close together... because you never know, 'steve jobs' may be the terrorist!


I'll probably be sued by steve jobs for mentioning his name in a sentence with 'terrorist'.


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I agree with Duckie...it is not humanly possible to consume 80 GB in 3 days.....and why now?? Most of us have your stuff....If it was just after you released the visual style it was probably understandable...but it's been months since the style was released...

Amilcar, it would be better to check with your ISP and ask for some kind of verification (a trace log) or something.

Hope to have you back with us soon,


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A few weeks ago ... after struggling with the idea of turning my staid PC to look like a Mac ... I came across Iceman's terrific site and downloaded his VS, and modified my system files using his tutorial. I now have a beautiful (well ... as much as possible for a PC!) Aqua OS X interface on my machine.

I dont know about you guys but I am willing to put my money where my mouth is (funny expression that!!). I pledge a starting contribution of $20 for the resurrection of Iceman's site. I am sure if we all jump in, Iceman will have more than enough to come back.

Guys, my contribution may not be a great deal but that is all I can afford for now.

Let me know if this sounds like a feasible idea to any of you.


AquaSlave (indebted to Iceman for his wonderful site)

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I am so deeply sorry that this happened to you also my dear friend SIG_icon_hug.gif I know what you are feeling right now and I know that there are no amount of words I can give you here that will be of any comfort. All I can say is I am so sorry and hopefully we'll all be able to find a positive resolve to all this ugliness we have been faced with these last few days. We can't give up though...we need to use this hardship and allow it to just make us stronger because of it. My love and respect to you my friend Iceman.

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