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New fileupload site - http://www.file2go.net/

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I have too much time, so I created a site for sharing files with others. Some of my friends already used it, but now I am going to release it to public. I am adding features, whenever I have time.


The filegallery


The fileview

Current features:

- upload files, with a size up to 50MB

- your files will be stored until you delete it

- private & public filegallery for registered users

- thumbnails for pictures

- 6gbit/s upload/download bandwidth (serverside)

- and the best of all: Its totally FREE

Here you can find it: http://www.file2go.net/

Please test it and tell me what i can improve :)

Thank you for reading, yours


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good, although the 50mb file size limit. i suggest buying more space and fast or you may not become very popular. people hate uploading stuff in parts. its like the biggest pain in the world.

The problem is, until I am not working in a fulltime job, I don't have the money for more space. I am now just a student ;)

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Okay, a short update to my current plans.

I've setted up a donation link, as a donator you will get some more features:

- You can take part in betatesting of new features

- Will be able to upload up to 70MB

- more coming!

Just log into your File2Go account and click Donate!

Always remember, I am just a stundent and I only have a small amount of funds ;)

Thanks for reading!

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Wow, that site of yours is impressive as a starter. I like it that when you upload images, you are also given a direct link to it. Definite bookmark for me.

Edit: That's weird. When I tried to register, I got this:

Warning: main(include/register1.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /var/www/web5/html/index.php on line 104

Warning: main(): Failed opening 'include/register1.php' for inclusion (include_path='.:/usr/share/php:/usr/share/pear') in /var/www/web5/html/index.php on line 104

What now?

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hah. ubuntu will do that to you. if i could find a way to be efficient on ubuntu it would be my primary os. i use os x and vista (I accidently upgraded thinking sp1 would fix everything =)

anyways keep going with the site, but dont try to earn money or put people into situations where they need to register to upload. people hate that, they want fast, free uploading.

just some suggestions =]

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it should have no restrictions at all. people dont care about that stuff on an upload site. they just want something fast free and not annoying or hard to use

You've stated that twice now, i think he understands, but it seems you don't. As he's stated, he's not in a full time job, so maybe you should lay off :slant:.


I really like it shmrom, very useful and hassle free, very nice job.

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Today I pushed a small update to the filegallery, you are now able to delete files, by just dropping them into the "basket". No need of a site reload anymore.

Also i redefined the link to view the files, the link is now much shorter than before (old links will still work).

(Sry for doubleposting)

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