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LeopardXP Universal BricoPack

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Hello People ;)

Actually i work on a news Universal BricoPack

It will be a BricoPack Leopard


I have a 80% finished

LeopardXP this will be:

* Over 180 Files modified (CPL, DLL, EXE)

* Dozens of images and create icons from icons Leopard

* 10 animations created

* 1 Visual Style LeopardXP and 1 skin LeopardXP for TrueTransparency

* Several additional integrated softs

* Dozens hour search





Read more and react here!!!

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Very nice work!!

But i think it would be better if you...

1) change VS... I use "Leopard X -> http://kspudw.deviantart.com/" and i think it is the best so far...

2) Change HD Icons to the gray one.. and also Preferences Icon and iMac Icon (Pick one with aurora wallpaper, i did it here and it is really nice..)

3) And to complete, add some apps, like Styler, RocketDock, AveDesk, tClock, Finderbar.... all of them with Leopard Configurations by Default... cause i think it is the worst thing to do to someone who wants a real Leopard Look...

But its really good for a 80% work...

Keep it up!!!

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And what other alternatives are as good as Styler in terms of getting a Leopard toolbar lookalike? None. Yz Toolbar is terribly outdated and lacks the theming options Styler can give you. There really is no other alternative if you want to get a toolbar that looks 100% like Leopard's >_>

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You must be kidding me.

There are brilliant, near perfect leopard emulating screenshots out there.

You better check yourself >_>

I agree a 1000000%!!!

There arent any big bugs, easy to use, very light and have a lot of other options...

Abot the Pack..

Any news?? Updates??


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I better check myself? avatar syndrome much?


like I said, to each their own.

//.off topic

look, toolbars can be made for explorer, currently there are a few good examples which show off varying degrees of decent implementation. When I think of Styler, I think of a toolbar that could've been great, but fell short and it's lingering presence now, means that we'll probably be stuck with the 'well the screenshot looks like leopard' toolbar for quite some time to come. In two important areas, in my opinion, Styler falls short. Functionality: layout of skins were more flexible but actions associated and assignable functionality felt limited and not as fully implemented as it should've been. For instance, giving the ability to add different explorer view buttons's nice, but then you loose the filmstrip capability. The skinning capability felt limited. You couldn't manage spacial relationships between regions of the toolbar. They managed to free button placement which was great for leopard and vista style toolbars but didn't expand upon it. Now that I think about it, a toolbar such as what styler could have been would've benefited from some sort of sdk like what qttabbar has where further functionality could be built by others into the toolbar. off topic..

Its other weakness is in integration with the windows environment and interoperability with other productivity apps. Styler, unlike other skinnable toolbars, does not play nice with the screencapture/printscreen algorithms of window management programs such as topkey, winflip, entbloess, deskspace, DExpose2, winexpose, etc. As Björn posted here: http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showpost.ph...22&postcount=10

I shouldn't've been as colorful in my analogy as it might have been construed as flamebaitie.. i take it back. I just don't feel like styler should stick around any longer than it needs to.

OK, back on topic.

nobodyuse, are you planning on any community beta testing before release? Looks nice so far, can't wait to try it out :)

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