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Help with compiz in hardy harron

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recently i installed hardy with the help of wubi .g8 such a thing has never been thought of. but the problem is i was getting snapping windows out of the box but the advance desktop setting for compiz was not visible neither the close and open windows animation were visible .i uninstall ed everything in compiz and installed compiz and libpython library just by typing compiz config in synaptic .the problem now is i am getting advanced settings panel in preferences but no option for compiz is seen ,

how to rectify where i am going wrong and can anybody tell me what files of programs r installed with compiz .during gutsy days just installing COMPIZCONFIG SETTING MANAGER AND PYTHON COMPIZ CONFIG WAS ENOUGH TO GET THE EFFECTS AFTER INSTALLING RESTRICTED DRIVERS

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check if your hardware requires restricted drivers, if it requires install them and make sure they are in use. try installing compiz fusion icon, follow the steps from here


Try restarting the window manager and selecting different window manager and try enabling different animations from the advanced settings.

Hope this should work. Best of luck.

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