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Looking for Skinner

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Okay, it seems my last thread was completely ignored which is fine, i'll simply ask another question.

At this point in time is there any type of program out there that can allow me to make the below changes to my i-Tunes?

I've tried the Multiplugin but for some reason i can only manage to get half of what i want and it doesnt look as good as my photoshopped version below.


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Uhh, windowblinds has nothing to do with iTunes, so forget that. I haven't skinned iTunes in ages, but I'm pretty sure you cant have a gradient on your source bar (links to your library, playlists, etc). Also, you can't have two different font colors, you'd have to have it all white or all black, unfortunately. I'd take a look at the developer template provided with multi-plugin to see what exactly is skinnable.

But to reiterate, you don't need Windowblinds, that skins your windows, not iTunes, just focus with Multi-plugin.

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If you are asking to change iTune to look like song bird skin you'll need to know about itune bmp skin and what dose what. for example, Background_Bottom.bmp you can used photoshop to created a theme with the pen tool & then color your creation bottom bmp to what ever you want and then save it into iTune your skin name folder and reload itune. my site if you'll like to see what i'm talking about when creating an iTune skin & if you'll need help with creating your own skin. just sent me a mail or note. SITE: http://wtolbert.deviantart.com/

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