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So I'm Trying Something a Little Different

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I've been wanting to trade in my list based media interfaces for something a bit more tactile for a while now. So I decided to try avedesk for an idea I had. Basically, make my desktop links links to album .m3u's.


I kind of like what I have but getting these 30 odd albums was a real pain in the caboot so the thought of doing this for several hundred albums is rather daunting and impractical. Management could be better aswell. Some kind of automatic stacking function or a fisheye effect or something akin to Bumptop. Maybe a separate desklet the equivalent of a rack that adds some depth. I'm not a big forum lurker and don't really keep up with releases so I'm kind of throwing this out there to see if there are any scripts or anything out there that my facilitate the general ideage here.

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