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Newbie, looking for specific Mac app for Windows.

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Ok well guys, See i was trying to find a Mac program which kinda copys the look of a Mac onto Wndows. And I have Windows Vista SO i really wanted a Program which looks like Mac OS right onto Windows. Right Now I use RK Launcher to try to make my Windows look like a mac but it really isnt helping... And it dosnt have like any features of a mac. See those 3 circles on the left to close and open the file (The Red, yellow, and green circles) It dosnt have that, and i am trying to get that.

Here is the thing i am talking about

Link - http://fc02.deviantart.com/fs21/i/2007/243..._neodesktop.jpg

That exact type of thing on Vista. IS that possible? If it is can any 1 give me link to download or something :)!

(Btw i am sorry If i post this in the wrong place, Or if this is illigal.) I saw alot of posts from different sites and alot of ppl are doing this. I was trying to find a decent tut on youtube and i tried practically all of them. Most dont work and most dont really look nice. I am trying to get a Mac lepord or Mac os x thing for my vista like the link i posted. I hope some 1 could help me!!!!!

Title Edited. -SirSmiley

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No one program will do it all for you. You'll have to use Rk (or Rocketdock) for the dock and for the rest of the look go for a suitable visual style or windowblinds skin. If you want to go the full way, get Objectbar for the menubar/taskbar and other apps like Winexpose for expose clones.

Don't expect any more basic help in this thread as more information on all of the above can be easily found y using the search box so handily provided to you. :)

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i am sorry but i am Totally new at all this. I dont even know how to make a object bar work. I mean i downloaded 1 from Download.com, but that 1 was horrible, yet it installed by its self. I have been trying to get a Object bar that is nice and can install by its self. And i dont know what the rest of the programs u listed :( Like the winexpose and Windowblind skin. And what will the visual style do? I already have a wallpaper of a mac os x and a rockdock. So i dont know what exactly to do...

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Well dude I have been going to deviantart.com and downloading all these objectbars and etc. And they are all in different type of files which i dont know how to run and stuff..... I can put them to rar and post the link here... Cuz i have NO idea what This is about...... AT ALL...... The things i am downloading they arnt exe files are are different types or files like programing files which I dont know how to open. They are like shadowblind skins and object bars and etc.

Can you atleast tell me the steps how to make a Simple objectbar working? I mean i like here


Cuz it says to put it in a certain part in ur computer like C:/Program files/Object Bars etc an when i put it in that spot nothing happens.. I dont know how to run it :(

Is there any tut u can show me?

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Problem is that some of these programms (like Objectbar and Windowblinds) are not for free.You have to buy them to get them functioning the right way.

Yes i figured that out..... I was playing around with WIndowBlinds and got got the visual style stuff down, but never got them to work...... Everytime I try to change my style it goes to Classic style instead of the 1 i want it to go on.... I dont know what to do now then ever...

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Cuz it says to put it in a certain part in ur computer like C:/Program files/Object Bars etc an when i put it in that spot nothing happens.. I dont know how to run it :(

Is there any tut u can show me?

The files you're downloading are only Skins for the actual Objectbar program. This is like tryin to use a winamp skin without actually having winamp installed on your pc. ;)

Get the different apps, I see you already have WB. You'll also need to buy them to make them work. (or acquire, just don't ask here)

Once you have them installed, then trawl around for the skins and stuff to use them. Oh, and tuts for these apps and such are on this site. Don't search devart for those, search these forums.

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Thanks ;P I will search around and see what I can find. Thing is ALL these skins,themes etc are from DeviantART and when i just search google they are harder to find :o.

Btw i was going to ask where to get WB but since I cant, Can any 1 give me there MAC Os X skin and Objectbar?? So i can try using those, because the ones I get from google straight dont work ;(.

Thanks this forum is awesome :D

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try using vista os x. it's what i used (i used a different dock though [rocketdock]). and it's free.


here's what the finished will look like:


Actually I just used WindowBLinds From Downloads.com. I downloaded a visual style just like that and mine looks EXACTLY the same now :)!!!!!! ITs just ur dock looks different. I use RK launcher.

And thanks OJ for telling me some apps I got some of this down, I am still trying to make my Main bar look like the Macs Menu bar. BUt I needed a Cracked ObjectBar app to make that work :( Other then that everything this is going great!

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No thanks :) THanks to you I got this All Here is my new desktop ;)


:DD!!!!!!! But I am still trying to make things look better if any 1 else could help me :D. I owe you my thanks Ojalord with the APPS you told me about and your site Everything was possible for me :)!!!!!!

I am still trying to get Widgets that Are like in 1 place. Example. Like A program where I can place my widgets in And put that program on my RK launcher and Click it so All my Widgets come on screen. IS that Prossible?

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omg u serous?!?! Y winXP all the time :(!!!!! They really need to cut the crap and make 1 for Vista....... SO you mean I cannot make my Vista any more like a mac!? :(!!!!

First, you need to calm down a bit. Also, the development stopped for Styler a while ago, when it was on XP, so there won't be any further releases of it. As it was said in this thread, you'll have to use WB to skin more aspects of Vista.

Also, talk about piracy isn't allowed here, so you shouldn't mention that you cracked OB ;)

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