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Newbie, looking for specific Mac app for Windows.

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o I see, even tho i didnt want to hear that but alright :(!!!!!!

And about the piracy part didnt know :P. I thought we could ask for apps or something. But i already got WB and everything so no worries ;)

Ah, okay. If you want to get a good mac looking desk, here are some things I'd recommend:

http://mrrste.deviantart.com/art/Leopard-V-82009829 as a WB skin


http://nanaj.deviantart.com/art/Leopard-Pe...ectbar-84608942 for your Objectbar.

IMO, those two seem very well (I can't say so much about the WB since I don't use Vista, but the OB skin is as close as you'll get). For icons, there are a ton of Iconpackager themes available for Leopard :)

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Nice :) I downloaded the WB skin and I have to admit it looks very nice, better then the one I had before. Now my OB is giving me problems, i was able to browser the themes I wanted from different folders Now i cant..... I press browser and nothing comes up... And I try to put the OB theme it self in the OB directory and it says "you need administrator permissions to do this" So i dont know whats wrong....

But I use this OB tell me if this is better or the one u have posted.


(Leopard Enhanced) Is that better or the one you posted evilmnky. :)

EDIT: Ok I got it to work. My one is 100000000x better LOL :) Leopard Enhanced has More features and looks more realistic. :) Thx for the WB skin tho :P

Also I had 1 question, When i open safari it dosnt have the skin working for it like it dosnt have the red, yellow and green circles on the left side.... Any ideas? Its the same for my MSN messenger.

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Because it's Safari. No apple app (iTunes[*], Safari, Quicktime) can be skinned on windows as Apple just didn't give us that option. So, very ironically, the gui of those apps looks ****ed up regardless of whether the rest of your os and apps resemble a Windows or a Mac.

[*] Note, Older versions of iTunes (upto v7.02, I think) can be skinned through the use of Localhost's MultiPlugin.

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