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Iceman Back Again!!!!!!!!!!&#3

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That is an interesting idea am7. Maybe an even better one would be to restrict the whole site to members but you wouldn't even have to charge. Just have people e-mail you for the password to the downloads. That way, you can't access them without the password. Keep a log of everyone you've given a password to and then if a server attack happens again then the person who did it must have the password and that limits it down a lot easier. It wouldn't have to be this exact system but something along those lines would probably work.

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Originally posted by Michael14@Dec 4 2002, 04:38 PM

ipodlover please stop.  We're all happy that Iceman's site is back and he is back and we're not happy that his downloads are blocked but please STOP with the 'HE'S BACK' and 'HE'S GONE' threads.  It is getting really annoying.

well his site was working when i made this thread and when i

made this thread i downloaded his sys files!

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Originally posted by Iceman@Dec 4 2002, 06:02 PM

Guys: I appreciate your ideas, but sadly there is no way to implement that. I'm against ANY site that you have to pay to visit.

I'll try to do something with the downloads, just give me some time.


How about using a java applet with a random mirror picker (if you could get mirrors). With this approach, nobody would have direct links to your files and they would have to use a browser.

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ya theres an idea to have to pay to access the site. So then one person pays and then all the files end up on kazaa or some mirror where people dont have to pay. Please dont try to ruin this community with making people pay. We already have to pay for stardock, it would be nice if that was the only thing. It is not iceman's fault that this happened. He should not have to change anything. I know that when i first started with this community, it would have totally turned me off right at first if i had to pay for stuff.

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the only reason I suggested making it a pay site is so only members can access the links to download which would

1.help prevent from attacks

2. help him pay for the bandiwdth he uses

Im against pay sites but he and others are putting alot of working and time into making these mods and putting up sites and their doing all for free which is good but Im willing to pay for what I use, Im not trying to take advantage. I think the only way you can prevent the attacks is doing this or assigning individual passwords or setting up the downloads through cgi scripts to avoid linking and stealing of bandwidth. I dont think some of the people here understand how much bandwidth is, and he was hosting 8 to 10 MB files which is crazy. But I was just throwing a suggestion out there, sure the stuff could end up on kazaa but when the main point is avoiding attacks does it really matter if its on kazaa? Its not using his server resources so its all good. My 2 cents anyways

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Thanks a lot guys for your generous offers :) :)

I really appreciate all the support that you have given to me, but I have some news for you (keep it secret please) A generous and well known member of this community will host all my files in their own server!! I'll tell you more details as I get them, at this moment I'm copying the files to a new location in another server se he will be able to copy them to the new location.

Please give him a big big applause! He is C..... !! :) :)

Thank you very much indeed C... :) :)

PS : I'll make public their name only if he's agree ;)

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