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When would we have multi-plugin for iTunes 8

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Move on to what?

To Nothing. As far as I see the current situation on MultiPlugin, the development is stopped. I don't recollect Localhost (the original developer) officially announcing so, but the way every iTunes update keeps breaking MultiPlugin... I can understand his frustruation.

So unless you've iPod... and iTunes is last word in media player for you. I suggest you find alternative media player (such as Foobar, Winamp) if you really care about bloat and memory footprints.

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is there any way someone else could continue development of multiplugin? as much as i appreciate the amount of work and the features that localhost has put into the application, it has for a long time been obselete and useless to anyone to wants to keep up to date with the current itunes and ipod software. is there anyone else who has the know-how and enthusiasm to continue this great program's development and would localhost be willing to relinquish his control over its development?

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Why would you even want to skin your itunes anyways? For god's sake, the thing uses ****ing bitmaps.

Although skinning was the most popular aspect of it, MultiPlugin was useful for more than skinning.

is there any way someone else could continue development of multiplugin?

I doubt anyone would be interested, unless they have patience to make changes and updates every time iTunes gets update and plugin is broken. Not to mention, support for users... people have different configurations (both HW/SW), and people run into issues. Supporting and fixing bugs. All this take lot of time and effort for single developer. With the short span between new iTunes updates, all this load increases.

So I really doubt, anyone would really be interested in it.

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ehhhhhh for what? Those bloody thing are useless, you can't update to a new version, you have to stuck with an specific version, which may have many glitches and bugs, and you have to depend on the humor of those multi-pulgins, and of the PC of course. Get a Mac! They aren't to expensive. :)

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Is a real shame, I would happily pay for this too.

With the release of itunes remote for the ipod touch and iphone there has been alot of talk on audiophile forums, as this is a perfect setup for a faceless computer/audio server, but the whole ASIO issue kills using itunes in its tracks. And as far as I have seen winamp/mediamonkey/foobar dont have such intergrated remote software.

(and hi, first post)

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well... if Localhost has really decided not to continue with multiplugin - would it be possible for you to release the source code? I am a software developer and i'd be really interested in continuing foobar passthrough support for newer iTunes versions than 7. If nothing else than just for myself :). Someone else might take on other features.

Ballena and iGo

No iTunes version on any platform can compete with the sound quality of foobar. So basically it's "stop using iTunes".

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