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AveDesk 1.4 - only one desklet visible


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Same issue here. Actually, 1.4 is just wonky all together (for me anyway). I can only see one desklet, can't see it's label no matter what I do, and if I stop and restart, it might show me another desklet, but still only one at a time.

Also sometimes - not always - when I shut down it won't do it, and I have to kill the process manually. And finally, when I ran the unregister script, it froze, popped avedesk back up and I had to kill it manually for every step of the batch file - hard bug to describe just like this.

I downloaded 1.3, crushed my previous install and presto, not only does it work, but it actually got all the desklets I had created previously right... very strange.

If this helps, I also got a missing dll error when I first tried to run 1.4. This was strange because the dll was for DX9, and I had it installed already. Nonetheless I redownloaded and reinstall. It worked after that.

I run an XP sp2 machine, on a fresh install, with a Core 2 Duo 2.13 E6400, 2 Gb RAM, GeForce 8800 GTX 320 Mb and two monitors. The only other graphic application running at the time of the tests was Rocket dock.

Hope this helps!

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