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RDP Docklet for ObjectDock


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This is my attempt to create a docklet to help me out launch Remote Desktop Connections to a windows machine (server/xp/vista).

RDP Docklet creates a temporary .rdp file (out of the configured account parameters) and launches mstsc.exe to open a remote desktop connection to a windows based system.

It is still an early beta.... it does not yet encrypt/hash the password so you will be asked for credentials when trying to connect (hopefully I will add that soon).

I tried to reproduce as much configuration items (and a few undocumented ones) as possible.

If you want. you may give it a try and post your findings...

BTW, the icons were simply ripped from the mstsc.exe application... if anyone out there would like to contribute an icon set... wel I would appreciate that.

Configure your accounts by right-clicking on the docklet icon (outside the account label area)... you may cycle through the configured accounts by clicking on the account label area & launch the remote desktop app by right clickcing anywhere else. (I think I will reimplement this since it seems a bit clumsy, but I wanted to have some feedback from you all)


+ 11/11/2008: Added encryption of the password, it should now let you connect to the remote computer without asking for credentials. (I was not able to fully test it since my office VPN connection has been down the last few days).

+ 16/11/2008: Re-arranged Account dialog to fit 1024x768 monitors. Fixed a few minor bugs on the configuration dialogs (mainly wrong/mispelled) labels.

+ 17/11/2008: Fixed some bugs related to rdp file creation used during connection to the remote computer. (v.

+ 18/11/2008: Modified the account dialog to a tabbed format (hopefully this will ease the configurationa and let the dialog fit in smaller displays). Fixed a couple of bugs during RDP file creation. (v.

+ 02/12/2008: Fixed a few bugs and added support for icons on a per connection profile basis. Ghostwalker contributed a beautiful icon set comopsed of several icons that include snapshots of different windows OSes.

+ 09/12/2008: Fixed a bug that caused the font not being drawn with the selected size.

+ 11/01/2009: Added "Connect on select" option (General settings). When this option is enabled, a connection to the host will be initiated when the profile is selected from the left-click context menu.

+ 06/03/2009: Added options to arrange feeds and to backup & restore docklet configuration (I do not remeber if this docklet already had this last functionallity, but anyway). Profile passwords are no longer saved in clear text, only an RDP-compatible encrypted hash is saved to disk.

+ 03/04/2010: Updated the docklet to be Windows 7 compatible (previous version crashed OD). Modified configuration Dialog and added some skin settings (Font, Color, transparency, etc.).







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Indeed, I have a 21" monitor 1680x1050... mhmm it seems I need to rethink the connection settings dialog, to make it fit in at least 1024x768.

You must be using a higher resolution then me ( 1024x768 ) because the bottom of the connections settings is off screen for me. I can see everything until I get to Server Authentication and then it is below my line of site.

Edit: Fixed in latest release (v.

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