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Translate Widget (Updated)

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Updated to run on Konfabulator Engine 4.5

1. Enhanced graphics now has Animated flip.

2. New menu skins class with 12 different skins to choose from.

3. Added context menu options.

a. copy

b. paste

c. delete

d. print

4. Added License Agreement.

5. Added Help file.

Tested on Windows XP Pro SP3 and Mac OS X 10.4.10

This looks great but quick question. Does this work under WindowsVista SP1 and what App that works almost or exactly like the "Dashboard" app in Leopard can be used for my OS?

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I do not have Vista so I could not test it but it should work fine. You will have to install Yahoo! Widgets in order to use it. It will be worth it I plan to update all the Dashboard Widgets I have done and try and finish the rest. Almost done with the iTunes Widget but I cannot set a release date yet still some things to do.

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I will look into starting the widget without iTunes. Not sure if it is possible because I use a lot of the native Konfabulator iTunes calls and if I remember right unless the widget and iTunes are started at the same time the widget will not be able to receive the calls but I will look into it I never liked that either.

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