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I love you bobah you are like the second coming of coding jesus.

YES!!!! *worship*

That's the spirit of this thread!! *love* *heart* *flowers* *unpublishable offers* ... o_O ... *no, no unpublishable offers here, will you?*

A big 'Thank you' to Phoshi, c'mon everybody! ^-^/


Thanks dude! You're the first to realize the real spirit of all of it...

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It's sticked because we need to have a way to stop having so many "wow!", "great!", "can't wait!", etc, etc, etc, posts at the main thread! Even sticked, where one can easily find it, people insist in posting this sort of 'things' there, if you inspect the post immediately before yours you'll see, mind you...

Anyway, I intend to keep it sticked. ;)

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Thank you so much for this release! It fixes so many things.

Most important changes for me were:

* I can have Stack-Icons without the little Icons-Stack in the Background now.

* I can set Icon Offset

* I can adjust the Shadow Settings now.

* The API changes (not visible for end-users) are great! Especially the setTimer() is really helpful for me. And the Stack-Animation API is very interesting (have to look into it).

*And of course there is this awesomefantasticbeautifulgreat Gallery now, which will replace my behavior of changing the wallpaper for the next months dramatically! :)

Thank you Bobah, for your hard work, and especially these changes!

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