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I can NOT describe how proud I am.

I couldn't be prouder even if you were my own son... CONGRATULATIONS!!!

I am really impressed about the new features, all the fixes, and EVERYTHING!!!

All I can say is THANK YOU, BOBAH13, REALLY: THANKS!!! But it's not enough to say how gratefull I am.

(almost crying):

.......................GOD BLESS YOU!!!

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Thank you so much for this release! It fixes so many things.

Most important changes for me were:

* I can have Stack-Icons without the little Icons-Stack in the Background now.

* I can set Icon Offset

* I can adjust the Shadow Settings now.

* The API changes (not visible for end-users) are great! Especially the setTimer() is really helpful for me. And the Stack-Animation API is very interesting (have to look into it).

*And of course there is this awesomefantasticbeautifulgreat Gallery now, which will replace my behavior of changing the wallpaper for the next months dramatically! :)

Thank you Bobah, for your hard work, and especially these changes!

I second this! Thx a lot!!!

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* Improved poof animation (TV Shut down like) You´ll love it!

* Redesigned Grid Stacks

* Download it now! http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?dz2nmkmzxyk

Hey skdj, nice theme! Innovative Stack-Design, i didn't know that such things are possible now :)

As a self-confessed poof-effect fetishist and TV-hater, i love your Switch-Off-Zap!

And of course the slogan of your skin is fabulous, too :D Thanks!

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Спасибо Владимир за док, просто неимоверная программа. Безумно радостно что земляки делают такие вещи.

And now in English -

Thanks to Vladimir for the dock, just enormous program. Mad with joy that the compatriots do such things. - mps69 ;)

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great work vovah , now the windows world has a more customizable dock than mac's one

recently installed leopard on a hp laptop and when i tried to change the size of the stack icons in the dock i realized it wasn't even possible :)

keep up the good work ( and keep on spoiling us :))

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Without uninstaller - its completly uninteresting!

Or do u think uninstalling means opening the regedit?

The application doesn't need an uninstaller, you simply delete the folder created by the installer.

The installer is only there to help people install the software who are unaware to install software without a install wizard.

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