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[Help] Avedesk conflict with Explorer.exe


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I have Avedesk 1.4 (beta2 dont work for me)

Avedesk is great for the dock and the weather desklet but i have some problem

1. The biggest problem is sometimes when deleting files with permission it crash explorer.exe

so i have to restart explorer.exe to get my tray etc.. back without rebooting

The problem is that everytime Avedesk is running clicking Explorer.exe dont restart explorer

instead this happen:

- the User/documents folder opens

- Everytime i click to re-start explorer.exe a new explorer.exe show up in the background

so it just duplicate explorer.exe but it dosnt realy restart explorer.exe

As soon i Exit Avedesk, close the non-working explorer.exe in the background and re-start explorer

it work again explorer.exe start up

I pointed this down that there must be a conflict between Avedesk and Explorer.exe

Is there a way to fix this , this is so problematic because sometimes i just have to restart explorer.exe

and i dont want to reboot or restart Avedesk everytime i do

Could it be that Avedesk is using some explorer.exe services hence preventing explorer.exe from restarting until avedesk is closed?

2. Another question i have is about the MorphDock for avedesk 1.4

when mousing over a icon : Program label and program route (C:/windows etc..)

is displayed

Is there a way to disable so that the Route (C:/windows etc...) is not displayed

and only the Label name ?

And is there a way to Always show label name not only when mousing over?

3. Also in Morphdock is there a easy way to change possition of a Icon

i tried mousing over the icon and dragging it into new possition but that dont work (like in Rocketdock)

so If i need to have a new icon in certain possition i have to re-configure all icons again ?

4. About Hot weather for Avedesk (i using the first version of the 2) is it possible to change the theme

to say total black instead of having it silver/grey ?

5. Anywhere i can download more Morphdock skins?

or having the Wood skin in other colors (so far i changed it easy into grayscale it look much better

as you can see here:


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