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I need some Silver/Metal icons

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I been Googling, checking deviantart but i cant find what i looking for

I need a Big Silver recycle bin 256x256 png/ico (empty/full) icon for my desktop

Best if is in shiny Silver but if not then just metal

but good quality and free

I also need some Train/subway/Bus icon best if they are in silver or black

(For games i play)

I already have this Train/bus icons:


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hey how did you get that weather thing....is it on avedesk?

nvm fount it....

and for the Recycle Bin do you want on like the Mac trash icon?

or completely metallic?

Yea is Hot weather from Ave desk is impressive isn'it :)

as of recycle bin i would prefer it shiny but if not then metal

i even found a 512X512 bin but it still get smale on the desktop

since Avedesk dont have a Recycle bin (to empy the bin)

i have to put it on the desktop itself

I dont know why bin get so smale seem that vista use a .dll file for their big icons

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