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hey this might be pretty tricky to make but would it be possible for a pandora docklet for xwd?

if you could hook it into the openpandora app, it might not be so hard. something where you can just play/pause, maybe thumbs up/down, and if you click on something on it it will maximize openpandora to the foreground. also if it popped up a ballon with the track info, that would be wicked sweet! of course i don't know if this is even possible, but if it is, i'd be using it all the time!!!!

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Hello everybody!

If anybody have the last version of XLast.FM Docklet for XWD please upload it somewhere or send it to me.

The link on the download page is dead. So I would be very happy if somebody could help me..

Best regards.


By Panta: moved.

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no need for a new thread
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Since "Feature Requests" topic is closed i opened this one for my request.

XWD is open now and i hope "Feature Requests" topic will be opened for i long long time :)

My request is feed docklet.

By Panta: moved. Let's wait and see before starting requests again.

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