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RSS Feed Reader Docklet for ObjectDock


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I know this request is a bit old but I checked it and found that the ActiveX control already supports drag-n-drop. Just select the link and drag it out... the problem seems to be with FireFox which won't recognize it as a valid target. I tried with Internet Explorer & Goolgle Chorme and both worked, whereas Firefox & Safari did not.

Well that is a shame I will post this over at firefox and find out what the deal is. Thanks for looking into this though. I can copy and paste the link though.

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Alhtough the Firefox issue is not solved... did you try the latest version of the docklet... I added a few bells & whistles.

Well that is a shame I will post this over at firefox and find out what the deal is. Thanks for looking into this though. I can copy and paste the link though.
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Looking real good, I still have problems sometimes getting it to except a feed. And when backing up it gives a path which I dont think it did before. Also seems most links open in the feed window wished all of them did. Video's play well inside the feed window also.

C:\Program Files\Stardock\ObjectDock\cklets\RSSReader\RSSReaderProfiles.ini

Note the directory "docklets" is missing the "do', would be better without a path.

Before it was just...


The feed I had problems with is...


and the error code was...


After several attempts I finally got it to take.

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I will take a look at the code for the backup/restore (I do not recall changing anything, but since the config dialog completely changed... well I might have introduced a bug or two.

On the other hand, the link worked for me the very first time I tried it... I think I will translate the error code to something useful so it will be easier to figure out what is going on.


With the help from matonga's stacklib (thanks man) I am working on an updated RSSReader Docklet version which shows the currently selected feed item on neatly rendered fan or grid stack... it's still a very early proof-of-concept build, so there is no download yet availbale. I just wanted to share a couple of screen captures just to get some feedback from you all. BTW, if anyone would like to contribute a couple of RSS icons for the stack I would greatlty appreciate it.

And it works under Widows 7 too... sweet!

Update 2:

Well after a few days of internal testing I think the docklet is ready for some beta testing... if you want to help me test the docklet please download it from: RSSReader+Stacks preview. Just remember, this is an early preview based on the stackslibrary by matonga (which is currently over heavy development) so the docklet will have bugs.



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Hey, I've just tested the docklet and it works pretty fine here.

Just two things:

- it would be good to be able to tell RSSReader to show always a grid (as an optional setting), even if the items fit in a fan.

- to have the docklet download the first image of each feed item (the first <img... thing found in item contents) and then use those images as icons in a grid with 256x256 pixel size icons... well, this looks more like a variation of daily comics docklet :P

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I have updated the RSSReader+StackLibraty docklet, It now let you choose between showing the stack (sorry I have not yet implemented the grid/fan/auto option) but added a few ones, like buttons to show the items in the RSS Feed without closing the reader window. It also detects the presence of Stacklib.dll and if not found falls-back to the context menu.

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Nice, I got a few things when you display the count it has a background that you cannot control But I'm sure you know that. Big request (as usual) badge support just like the check mail with an option to display the count as a badge. In the open in application could you add the .widget extension. The main RSS Feed program I use is a widget one of the best.

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I have added the option to select the stack type (fan/grid/auto).


A picture is worth a thousand words... would you mind to post a mockup of what you want (in relation to the badge)?. On the other side, does the Widget application will let you invoke it as [application] [Feed's URL]? Since the docklet will be doing that.

For all of you out there, just remember that the fan stack type currently only works for bottom docks, setting it as fan and docking to any other screen edge will not display the stack correcly (maybe matonga will update the stack some day). When auto is configured, fans will only show for feeds with a low number of items (I believe up to 10) for bottom docked docks, in any other case a grid will be used instead.

Thanks for your feedback... and yes, thanks matonga for such a great library!


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Ok, I currently output the total number of items for the selected feed (I believe your screenshot shows the count for the whole bunch of feeds you have configured in NewsFire). Doing such thing would require a great deal of changes to the docklet I am not really sure I want to do... but having the count on a badge for the current feed is no ptoblem.

Could you contribute a couple of badges and icons, maybe even icons for the stack (the ones I am currently using I found them somewhere so I do not have permission to use them)?


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