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Xwindows Dock V5.6 Main Thread - Download


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Here is the new XWindows Dock 5.6:

you should install new version to a new folder, but you can try to copy DockItems.xml.

skins have a new format, so all previous skins must be re-generated (they're NOT compatible!)

run XWD with default skin, then look into .SkinsCurrent folder for examples of new PNGs that are needed.

docklets have a new API, so all previous docklets developers will have to migrate them before they can be used again.


  • Two types: 2D and 3D.
  • Supports many languages. Not yours? Add it via an XML file!
  • Skin-able. You can also create your own skins (and even borrow images from other skins)!
  • Can be started with windows.
  • Size of icons: 32x32 to 100x100 pixels
  • Configurable zoom of icons when mouse hovers over them: 32x32 to 100x100 pixels.
  • Configurable number of zoomed icons.
  • Has built in stacks. Four modes are available: fan, grid, list and it's unique gallery mode!
  • Selectable animation for stacks. Many options available.
  • Configurable number of icons in fan stacks: 4 to 30.
  • Configurable number of icons in grid stacks: 1 to 200.
  • Configurable spacing between icons and their reflections: -5 to +5 pixels.
  • Configurable spacing between icon and bottom of dock.
  • Configurable opacity and blur of reflections.
  • Configurable panel opacity: 0 to 100%
  • Configurable panel hiding time: 0 to 3600 seconds.
  • Configurable panel showing time: 0 to 3600 seconds. *New!*
  • Configurable space between panel and screen border: 0 to 100 pixels.
  • Configurable space between icons: 0 to 10 pixels.
  • Shows indicators of running applications.
  • Option to hide stacks when losing focus.
  • Option to minimize windows into dock. Supports 2 effects: Default and Genie. Configurable minimization speed. *Improved!*
  • Folder monitoring. Configurable for reacting to events such as: Added, Removed, Modified and Renamed files.
  • Option to remain always on top.
  • Configurable size of icons in stacks: 24 to 150 pixels.
  • Option to show icon shadow, and to define opacity and blur of the shadow.
  • Option to show dock on mouseover.
  • Two options for what to do when an icon is dragged out of the dock: create shortcut or removal.
  • Reserve screen area for the dock *New!*
  • Set maximum value of minimization speed to minimize windows without animation. *New!*
  • Minimize windows using one of two methods for capturing a window image *New!*
  • New skin format, now a skin can be created even without specifying some PNG files. Read XWindowsDockToolsReadMe.txt for details. *New!*

And many more!

New stack type: Gallery, where you can look trough your pictures, videos and other files. You can also play a video or install your picture as wallpaper. To change position of playing video just type either the right or left arrow key. To activate item of gallery click either the left or right mouse button.

What's the purpose of Mask*.png files in a skin?

They're used for determining how to show windows reflection on the panel. If you don't want that the dock shows relfection on some places of your skin panel, you should use 100% transparency.

You can also create reflection gradients. For that you should create gradients from white to black or from black to white ;) . Black is used to instruct the dock where reflection should be painted, while white is where it shouldn't.

For a better understanding of it, you should unpack some skins from .Skins and look at what its mask*.png files look like and then see the resulting effect when running the dock.

If you wish to say thanks, please do it


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This is the final result of the poll "Do you think a wiki-like F.A.Q. is viable?"

  • Yes, it's also very desirable and I'm willing to contribute! clear.gif9 votes 30.00%
  • Yes, it's also very desirable but I can't contribute. 14 votes 46.67%
  • I have dobts about it working here. (comment, pls) 3 votes 10.00%
  • No, it won't work inside a forum. (comment, pls) 2 votes 6.67%
  • Other. I will comment for explaining my PoV. 2 votes 6.67%

Voters: 30.

Next step: I'll create both the closed, pinned XWD FAQ thread and the open, regular FAQ contributions one, so that we can start building our database.

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