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[release] Itunes For Foobar2000

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Download: http://nrossow.deviantart.com/art/iTunes-f...r2000-114611164


iTunes v1.0 for foobar2000

created by nrossow

credits - raatsgui (layout buttons)

- kwilliams (bottom bar buttons)


Please read the READ ME. It is actually important.

Works best with a Leopard visual style.

Thanks to kwilliams and raatsgui for their images.

The components belong to those who created them.


email me at: n_rossow@charter.net

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for a reason it doesnt show some controls everytime i open foobar. Say i open it the first time and it the palyback buttons are missing, the next time the album view dont show up, or the buttons down are not visible. They ARE there cuz when i click where they are supposed to be they work.

Any ideas of why is this? Maybe windowblinds error?

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@Church Punk:

How are you launching the program?

If it is from a dock make sure the work folder is the dame folder the program is in (I had this mixed up for a while and a the images woldn't show)

Other than that, I don't know. It way be a Windowblinds error. I know that the panel stack splitter component sometimes draws images in their hovered state.

Does it happen every time?

Thank you everyone for your support!

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After selecting "iTunes.fcl" from the FCL importing I get two error messages:

First one:

Foo_chronflow Error

TexLoadeR: Can't Set The PixelFormat

Second one (after clicking "ok"):

foo_chronflow Error

ImgTexture Leak: 2

I get the same error messages everytime I start foobar after importing iTunes.fcl.

The skin appears to be as in the pictures shown in this thread, but the player doesn't add any of my media files to library (even that it does that if this skin isn't installed).

I tried this with Leopard visual style aswell, tried reinstalling the player and the skin and also downloading the skin again. Didn't solve the problem.

I'm using foobar2000 v0.9.6.4 and XP SP3

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The first problem sounds like an issue with your video card drivers. Try updating your drivers.

As far as adding media files to your library, do the following:

To create an autoplaylist with all of your music, open up the preferences and go to 'Media Library' > 'Album List' then click 'Activate Album List window / Media Library View' and right click 'All Music' and choose 'Create Autoplaylist'

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hello nrossow,

i have been using this for one week and i am really happy especially with the search tool of this skin.

i have two questions:

1. i have the last.fm plug-in, is it possible to access it under this skin? if so how?

2. i have a plug-in to rate songs with stars. is it possible to show it in the column next to gain? if so how?


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I don't use that plug-in, and I actually know nothing about it haha. It may be possible, but there is nothing specifically built in for it.

That is possible, it will take a bit of coding but I can do it when I have some free time.

I'm glad you like it

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i just discovered that "the play count" counts double when a song is played.

is this normal?

edit: i see that i had another plugin which resulted in a double count.

but another problem:

each time i open foobar2000, it is default suffle mode. how can i change this?

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