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Coversutra Xp

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CoverSutra visual style for Windows XP:

The style is slightly modified so I hope that you all will like it! ;)

Latest update: I was finished technically my work on shell style now, also I was added 4 variations with coversutra logo!

I presume that all windows lovers will be pleased now, also all those people which simply from some reason don’t like to use styles with Apple logo!

Oh, btw... If you notice anything unusual please report here. Thanks… ;)



CoverSutra visual style (support 6 different color variations + 4 variations with new logo)

CoverSutra skin for TT (True Transparency)

CoverSutra skin for Styler buttons

CoverSutra skin for MACsearch

For windows transparency I was using Glass2K: [link: check download page]

Wallpapers in style preview: [link: check download page]



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Looks cool like others "Balck themes" but have the same problem :S. Some text are black and it is hard to read :S

Yes I know that... However, windows black classic theme haves all fonts white, so I believe that this is possible to fix. I need just a little bit more time to find where the problem is…

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Nice style.

A little bug





Thanks for responding.

Yeah, I know for that issue. Everything is ok with the style, but simply those little triangles don’t work correct from some reason in certain programs.

As for fonts; well, these fonts for now will stay. If you check any other dark style you will find the very much same thing. Simply it seems that is very hard to edit that part from some reason… I believe that must be solution for that part too, but simply I didn’t have much time lately to check that part… But this is one of my top things which I’m planning to do in the future…

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