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Taskbar Disappeared...

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Hi folks,

I have a taskbar problem on my XP-System running with flyakite 3.5. The bar is gone after a system crash last week. When booting the system my taskbar is visible for a minute or so but as soon as the rk dock apears the taskbar is gone (quitting the dock does not bring back my bar, though). Strangely maximized windows still leave this blank space at the top, as if there was still a taskbar. Yes, I checked everything like "taskbar always on top" and these things. I tried with a system restore and I deleted the stuckRg2 entry in the reg. No success.

When I deinstalled flyakite the taskbar came back (windows style of course). But after reinstalling flyakite it was gone again! Seems like flyakite has left something on the system that contains the taskbar-error and cannot be removed by the normal deinstallation process. I tried three times (deinstallation, reinstallation). Always the same frustrating result: Regular windows-style: taskbar; Mac style with flyakite: No taskbar.

An idea anyone?

thanks, fitzli

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Uhm, it probably has something to do with explorer.exe, which controls all windows and the taskbar. I was about to suggest starting explorer.exe again but you say you can view folders? Maybe there's a way to restore the old explorer.exe before the flyakite install, but keep the rest of what Flyakite offers.

edit: Perhaps deleting rklauncher from the startup list, there should be a option in RkLauncher to disable run at startup. Maybe that'll do the trick?

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Thanx guys,

the task bar is back, now! Church Punk, that was the right hint: The task bar was disabled in the dock-settings. (not in the RK-Dock settings though but in the settings of my Stardock Object Dock).

Man, it was really that simple (and I tried with deinstalling and reinstalling programs and restoring the system and all this stuff all week long...)!


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