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Hey guys, I'm just wondering about the Yahoo Weather Widget.

For some reason, the weather picture of my city isn't showing. It was showing a few months ago, but now its not there. If I try another city, there's a weather picture. Anyone know whats going on here?

The city is Vancouver, Canada.



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Have you altered the widget in any way? Do you know how to delete the registry settings for the widget? If not than use this widget to clean your preferences which will take it back to the default settings.

Widget Cleaner

It could be that something change on Yahoo! Weather and Yahoo! has not updated the widget to reflect these changes. What city are you trying to get.

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I don't think I've altered the widget. And I have no idea about the registry.

And the city I'm trying to get is Vancouver, BC, Canada

edit: I just tried widget cleaner, and I still get no weather picture

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