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Extracting The Candy From The Container...?

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Howdy there, folks.

I'd like to hear if any Windows user has found a smart way to extract dock resources from an iContainer file.

I ask because I've stumbled over quite a few excellent icon/dock packages for Mac users, especially the wonderful Somatic set-up for Candybar by David Lanham over at iconfactory.com: http://iconfactory.com/freeware/preview/somaapp

Now, for the happy Mac user among us it's pretty simple: Download the .dmg & extract to find the .icontainer file. Throw this into your Candybar app & away you go...

So far, on my less-than-awesome XP, I've:

1. Downloaded the .dmg

2. Extracted the contents of this .dmg with either the latest 7zip or TransMac

3. Among the extracted files is the icontainer file...

4. I open the .icontainer with the latest Axialis IconWorkshop 6.31

When IconWorkshop opens the .icontainer, all I see are the included icons in .icns format. Which is fine - I can export these as .png's or save as .ico's to my heart's content. But what I'm really after is the actual dock resources themselves. Which seem to be invisible to the naked eye in IconWorkshop for Windows... :(

Please, someone tell me I'm a n00b because I haven't heard about the dead-simple method of XXX to get the dock resources...

And "ask your good friend who's on a Mac to extract the dock resources for you" is - although worthy advice - not my preferred procedure, because 1. I would like to be able to do this on my pc & 2. I don't have any Mac friends... :sob:

Hope someone can point me in the right direction...

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If you are really flustered just tell me the dock and I will do it for you on my mac. Hmmm. I don't have candy bar, and the superdocker site doesn't have it so nvm from this mac buddy but any other dock you want from superdocker.com I can send to you ha.

If you send me an E-Mail here, then from now on I will be your buddy and extract them for you. Upload on megaupload, and send :D.


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I guess the .icontainer stuff for dock skin shall be png files?

In such case, try dropping .icontainer file into this program:


This is useful for other stuff too, such as extracting png files from old xwd skins for example.

Edit: it extracts .png, .bmp and .jpg files... by searching for 'BM', 'JFIF', and 'PNG' signatures, i.e. it extracts pictures the very hard way, so original filenames won't be preserved, sorry. Also there may be some false positives, though exebitmaps try to detect original picture's file size.

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@ Shadyblues13: I thank you graciously for your offer of friendship & might just be sending some Mac docks your way... ;)

@ matonga: thanks a lot for the link - I'll check out the app & see what it can offer in the way of icontainers... And yes, the resources are .png's... :)

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