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Task List Docklet


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When you are able to get back to this would you check XP and see if it crashes when the dock starts and there are no windows or applications open. Seems every time I start the dock if I don't have an explorer window open it crashes.

You can skip that problem also, upgrading fixed it.

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To Smaky

Thank you!

I registered in the forum, just so I could thank you. This docklet is just the thing I was looking for. I couldn't find any other docklet to allow me to see open windows, and the most I got near to was ugly hacks and installs. I would rather go back to xp taskbar than install those.

I'm not asking for features, I'm not sending bug reports, I'm just thanking you.

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Thanks you gmvasco, it's been quite some time since I have not updated the docklet, it's great to know that, at least, have found it useful.

I will be returning to my coding practice when matonga decides to update the stackslib (I hope he will eventually do that).

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I also joined to just to say thanks! I've finally tackled the process of replacing my taskbar with RocketDock and your clock and Task List are perfect!

That said, I do have one remark about the task list docklet. RocketDock allows you to minimize windows to the dock. When I do this, the task list docklet doesn't seem to pick them up. It's not a huge deal since the minimized window is right next to the task list docklet on my dock. Just wondering if this is normal or a bug or maybe because I'm using RocketDock and not ObjectDock.

Still, thanks a lot for your work in making these great docklets!

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