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Itunes Opacity Issue - Multi Plugin

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Well, as usual, I couldnt find a anwser online no matter how much I looked on google or elsewhere. Figures :P.

Anyway, I downgraded to itunes 7.02 (from 8.1) and started using multi plugin 2.5 so I could use custom skins. Everything worked fine at first.

But then I messed with the opacity.

I put it down to 0% to see what would happen (thinking just the border would go invisible). The whole window became invisible and unusable. I couldn't blindly click on anything either, though key commands still worked and the program was still technically running. I restarted multiple times and I even reinstalled it multiple times. When I reinstall Itunes it works fine, but when I reinstall multiplugin it goes back to the old preference of 0% opacity. I have no idea how to fix this, and have been trying for way longer then Id like to admit.

Im using a windows 7 based laptop PC. Is there anyway to change back to the default preferences of multiplugin without actually opening itunes? Any other solution to the problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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