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Who Is Your Favorite Poet?your Favortie Work Of Im.

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It is place to relax.Who is your favorite poet?Which work of him influence you more?His poems are the imagination of the beauty of our nature.His personality and poetry were deeply influenced by his love of nature, especially by the sights and scenes of the Lake Country.The poem "Tintern Abbey" by William Wordsworth is the most favorite poem of him.Knowing more about his poems is very interesting.Daffodils is another favorite poem of Wordsworth ,it is to be learned in school.

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Probably Charles Baudelaire or Arthur Rimbaud, in french ; or Wordsworth in english. It's funny I just rediscovered Wordsworth last night on opening an old book.

The Sleeper in the Valley

It is a green hollow where a stream gurgles,

Crazily catching silver rags of itself on the grasses;

Where the sun shines from the proud mountain:

It is a little valley bubbling over with light.

A young soldier, open-mouthed, bare-headed,

With the nape of his neck bathed in cool blue cresses,

Sleeps; he is stretched out on the grass, under the sky,

Pale on his green bed where the light falls like rain.

His feet in the yellow flags, he lies sleeping. Smiling as

A sick child might smile, he is having a nap:

Cradle him warmly, Nature: he is cold.

No odour makes his nostrils quiver;

He sleeps in the sun, his hand on his breast

At peace. There are two red holes in his right side.

Arthur Rimbaud

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(Communism and Imperialism)

The soul of both of them is impatient and restless,

Both of them know not God, and deceive mankind.

One lives by production, the other by taxation,

And man is a glass caught between two stones.

The one puts to rout science, religion, art,

The other robs the body of soul, the hand of bread.

I have perceived both drowned in water and clay,

Both bodily burnished, but utterly dark of heart.

Life means a passionate burning, an urge to make,

To cast in the dead clay the seed of heart.

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