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Mass File Upload Site - Http://uploadfrog.net

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You should really try to learn english before writing a FAQ... I found some mistakes just by reading it once.

Also this layout is not Web 2.0 ever heard for example of 960gs?

Latest technology? curl is old, very old...

(Why do I need my file uploaded to multiple services? oO)

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You're one to talk about learning to speak english properly? File2Go has a lot of, if not more, mistakes. That is a total hypocritical comment.

And a mass file upload site is for people who can't access certain sites, or don't want to. I know I'd rather download from megaupload or mediafire instead of rapidshare.

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Who really cares about proper english the FAQ, I really could give a shit less about proper grammar, its understandable which is fine by me.

However one thing you could improve upon is to make the black boxes around your logo, upload, reset, browse buttons, No signs, and instuctions the same color as the background of your website.

Also the logo itself could be higher resolution (looks a little pixelated)

You could also have a better theme, I mean the name is Upload Frog, make it a frog theme, at least have one frog there.

Maybe a frog on a lily pad using its tongue to catch a file, and you integrate the tongue into the letter F in the word frog

So in essence it would be Upload (Tongue shaped in a giant lowercase r with dash forming the f)rog

Just some ideas that would make it a little more attractive

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