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Snow Leopard Startup For Vista

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Snow Leopard startup for Vista

CREATED BY: balderoine and fediafedia

This release contains 32-bit software only.


Startup animation

New startup sound (it's awesome)

New login screen

New spinny wheel thing

Notice: There is only one imageres.dll file because it works on both SP1 and SP2 and probably even SP0 considering it's version number. Authui, however, not. There are 2 authui files included. For SP1 and SP2


If you dont have take ownership reg installed, you should do that first. It makes any file replacement operations easier.

1. Take ownership of imageres.dll and authui.dll in C:\windows\system32.

2. Rename both files to something like imageres1.dll and authui1,dll

3. Copy the new files from this folder to system32. Reboot.

These files were tested on 32-bit editions of vista SP1 and SP2.

Use at your own risk, no warranty is included or will be provided if you messup.

Enjoy this release!

Comments are welcome!

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