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Longhorn Air Theme Final

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Hello guys! :)

Now i think the big wait is over.

NOTICE: If you have any problems with the theme, report them here!


Theme Construction:

The theme took me more than 3 weeks to complete and with many hours night and day working

It was very difficult to make this style cause i was alone with no team support

I hope you like theme as i REALLY doand i apreceate the hard work i've done.


What's New:

Redesigned Nav Background buttons

Adressbar Text size with very clear font

Clear Back/Forword Buttons

Aura Shine ShellStyles

Big and Colored ShellStyle Text (Thanks to sunbeem2000)

Windows Shadows

Clear Adressbar

Taskbar Text with fade animation effect


More Clear Start Menu (Without the Userpic)

Curved ShellStyle

Smooth Text Colors in Explorer

Favorite Links Pane

...Plus many other Visual Changes


In the Downloaded folder you will find:

1. Extras Folder with: Bonus Theme (Longhorn Excalibur), Longhorn Icons, Theme PSDs, Wallpapers

2. Theme with: Longhorn Air Theme

3. Theme Patches with: Air ShellStyle Colors, Browsui - Navigation Buttons, Curved Shellstyle, Left & Right Shadows, Taskbar Related, Blue Internet Explorer 8 Buttons - Not Finished (Yet), Start Menu S/L Buttons

4. x86 System Files with: Take Ownership Folder, browseui.dll (For the Back/Forword Buttons), explorer.exe (For the ShutDown/Lock Buttons), gameux.dll (For Games Folder Top Details Pane), imageres.dll,

shell32.dll (For the Explorer Top Details Pane and the Copy Paste Color Animation).


System Requirements:

x86 (32 bit) system

Windows Vista SP2 (Up to Date)

Aero Support Video Card.


How to USE:

1. Copy the Longhorn Air Folder.

For example D:\Longhorn Air Project\Longhorn Air\Theme\Longhorn Air

To C:\Windows\Resources\Themes.

2. Right click on desktop -> click on Personalize -> then from the left side pane click on -> Ajust font size (DPI) -> and finally set a custom DIP to 101%

save and restart.


Big Thanks to:

LFT for starting and completing the first wellmade with hight detail Longhorn theme Link

You can find the original Theme from Longhorn Fusion Team here You can find the original Theme from Longhorn Fusio Team here Link

sunbeem2000 for helping me with some Longhorn Resources and VSB use Link

ka-la for helping me with some mod in VSB Link

Osc' for making an alternative shellstyle image. Link

Also i have to thank all those who tested the Theme and sent me suggestions and bug reports.


Download Longhorn Air Theme

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