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How Active Is This Site?

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I emulated. I joined. I switched. I monitor.

I'm very appreciative for all of this sites help in my emulation endeavors. I actually got an HP laptop to look and act just like a Mac. Unfortunately, the resource hit was tremendous. Once I switched there's no need to emulate anymore but I feel an allegiance to this sight that got me started. -GDF

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So was signing up on this site at this stage completely useless? How about having a 'Mac emulation' forum, for what the site was originally used for, and then also have general PC and Mac forums? It seems a shame for this site to disappear - I really like it, and I haven't been here that long.

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Like I said earlier, the site isn't going anywhere. Its up to the members if the site lives on (content wise).

Problem is everyone bought a mac :lol:

Thats exactly what I did... a couple of years ago now! How time flies..

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