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Windows Explorer Reconfiguration


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Hi all, I tried to search around for this but couldn't find anything relevant.

I'm running FlyakiteOSX with a few (more or less superfluous) modifications on an XP Home SP3. I'm really liking everything except the changes to Explorer. It's got no Finder-like improvements, yet some of the Explorer-functionality has been decreased.

I assume the changes are either performed using a modified explorer.exe, or via registry keys. Can someone advise me of what, where and how for this?

The reasons I want to know are a. I desperately want my address bar back, at least until I find a decent Finder clone (any recommendations?), and b. I really want to use QTTabBar. Any advice specific to either would also be gratefully received!

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Here you go. You'll notice that at present the toolbars aren't locked, and in the far top right the word Address is actually shown. If I enable the address bar it appears here, and I have to drag it to a usable position. Also, as soon as I close all Explorer windows (even thought Explorer is of course still running), it vanishes again.

The two QTTabBar toolbar options are displayed, but refuse to be checked. I can click on either or both and nothing changes, and when I go back to the menu they haven't got a tick next to them. I thought this may have something to do with the changes FlyakiteOSX makes (hence wanting to know how it made them). I've reviewed everything in the manual/FAQ on the QTTabBar website. Its forum is useless, just full of people asking questions and noone attempting to answer them.

I'd never heard of Styler Toolbar until today. I can't find it referred to in any Flyakite documentation.


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