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  1. 1. An Academic forum geared toward preparing a user to moderate, manage, and administrate online communities/forums.

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I have heard a few rumors drifting around that concern the creation of a bulletin board based community that aims to teach users how to become a good, or even a better website Moderator or Admin. Exactly how this would work I have not yet heard nor have I heard the name of the group that is producing this feat, however, I would like to hear what everyone else thinks of this endeavor.

Personally, I believe it is very possible for a community like this to be built and actually produce results towards the group's goal. From my humble point of view, I think it is a good Idea.

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I've been an admin on one site before, and it's not much of a job. You pick things up along the way, and if you see how other admins handle issues on their sites then you just take from that and follow your own direction. I rated 'okay', as I'm sure other people would appreciate it and find it very helpful. It's a nice idea.

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I'm an admin on a site right now. You basically have to do little. I personally don't ban anyone unless they spam, and I encourage fights and contraversy because it makes me laugh and gives the users something to do. If everyone's polite all the time it just makes the site too dull.

Also I do random things to the site to make people laugh.

Being an admin isn't hard if you are a nice funny guy and aren't a OCD Prick.

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