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Massive Amount Of Problems For Avedesk 1.4



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  1. 1. Should AveDesk have DirectX 10+ support?

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OK, so I'm new to AveDesk. When I tried to install it, it sayd a file called d3dx9_36.dll was missing. It is a DirectX 9 dll, only found in version 9, and I have 10, I believe. So, I had to go to DLLFiles.com and download the dll. Now, it works (sorta). Whenever I add multiple desklets, they overlap, and the ones behind can't get out of the front one's borders. So, all of the desklets are practically trapped in the first one. I don't want to downgrade DirectX because that would cause some problems with the programs I have, and this problem is getting REALLY annoying. And the desklets that are behind others don't work, except closing (done only through Control Panel). If anyone has a solution, PLEASE POST, AND VOTE.

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